About The Film


This powerful documentary explores sexual assault awareness and sexual empowerment on college campuses through the work of two amazing activists and the strong connections they’ve made during their travels throughout the United States. While in college, Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder endured a personal experience with sexual assault that forever changed their lives and sent them on an extraordinary journey to help build communities with zero tolerance for sexual violence. Filmmaker Barbara Rosenthal turns the camera on Kelly and Becca’s personal story—now a public mission to help viewers see their own potential to create social change and address the epidemic of sexual violence. Through interviews with change agents and thought leaders the film shows the role everyone can play in reducing violence. “You Are the One” is rich with honest emotion but it’s the warmth and humor of these two extraordinary women that make this film so engaging. Pack your bags and join them on the journey to learn how you can be the one.