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Becca Tieder

Becca Tieder set off to pursue theatre and talk radio with the hopes of becoming the “Queen of all media.” After falling in love with someone whose dreams were less big apple more white picket fence, she knew she would be reframing her long term plan. What happened next was unscripted. Following her best friend Kelly’s experience with sexual violence and her desire to change the way people talk about sex and sexual violence, Becca began travelling the nation speaking out about social change and our responsibility to be a part of the solution amidst the epidemic of violence. Half a million students later, she’s still talking. These discussions have resulted in Becca Co-Creating Sexversations® and Co-Founding One Student. Personal time is spent with friends, family, her beloved husband Chip and sons Liam and Jack all while surrounded by sweet suburbia. This vegetarian with vegan tendencies loves an impromptu dance party, cooking for others and sleeping in. Truly humbled by her inclusion in this important film she hopes this serves as a call to action for people to get involved in social change and with One Student.