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Laurie Dishman - Advocate for Change

In 2006, Laurie went on a Royal Caribbean cruise and she was brutally raped by a crew member who was a janitor that was filling in as security. That is when she decided to speak out as an advocate for change, so that no one would have to go through what she did. In 2007, Laurie testified before Congress and continues to speak to groups around the United States to raise awareness of crimes on cruise ships. In 2010, she helped pass the Cruise Ship Safety and Security Act that would help make cruise ships safer. Laurie continues to work and volunteer with International Cruise Victims and One Student to help raise awareness. She is Director of Sales and Marketing for her family‚Äôs winery, Mount Aukum, in El Dorado County, CA. Laurie likes to hike, run, golf and spend time with her nieces and nephew.